6 Step Plan to Improving Profitability

 In Equality and Diversity in Business

Surely this is difficult to achieve?

No, it’s actually quite easy to do but does take a bit of thought and commitment.

As mentioned in previous posts, promoting equality and diversity in the workplace is crucial for a growing company and can vitalise your workforce. Many notable researchers and scholars assert that employing people of different genders, races, abilities, faiths, cultures and sexual orientations makes your company stronger.

From decades of research we have drawn together an easy to follow 6 step plan to assist you. Implementing these easy to follow steps will improve your profitability. At the same time promoting equality and diversity has many wider positive impacts for society.

1. Look at your current workforce and find out how many women, people from ethnic minorities, disabled people you employ. It may be more difficult to gain measures in other areas of diversity. However, if you explain to your employees why you are doing it; they will be more than happy to assist you in collating the other measures. Analyse these results so that you have a clear picture of where you are.

2. Set up a focus group from a cross-section of your employee base with the specific focus on promoting equality and diversity. The focus group should meet regularly to discuss ideas to increase the diversity of your workforce and recommend changes to recruitment procedures to ensure equity. The focus group should set goals and devise strategies to achieve the organisations’ goals.

3. Review your current equal opportunity and diversity policies and ensure that they comply with equality legislation.

4. Actively recruit in areas where you have identified that you have little or no representation in your staff team. You could for example, utilise minority publications to show that your company is serious about promoting equality and diversity.

5. Provide training for your current employees thus ensuring a seamless transition to a more diverse workforce. Implement a rigorous induction programme which embeds equality and diversity.

6. Ensure you have consequences to challenge discriminatory practice and unacceptable behaviour. This should include; grievance and staged disciplinary procedures. Create a culture that encourages positive communication on any issues that arise.

Take action and follow this easy 6 step plan to improve your profitability and ensure the success of your company.

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