Breaking Down The Barriers

What is ‘Breaking Down the Barriers’?

It is a unique project designed to assist and empower members of our local community who are currently unemployed or economically inactive and looking to build their confidence, employability skills, social skills and self-esteem. We encourage their movement towards the labour market through intensive 1:1 support sessions and group activities supported by our expert tutors and peer mentors.

The project is part of the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme and is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

Courses usually run for between 10 and 12 weeks up to two days a week.

Building Better Opportunities

Through the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) project we are able to offer practical, targeted support to disadvantaged groups of people throughout Northamptonshire, helping them back into employment.

The pre-employment support we offer to participants consist of confidence building and mentoring workshops, CV writing and life skills development programmes as well as practical support regarding the acquisition of formal identification (i.e. passports, driving licences).

‘Just the Job’.

The 10-week programme we deliver is designed specifically to encourage our participants to recognise the skills they have which are easily transferrable to the workplace and provide practical hands on experience in a variety of areas.

We enable participants to develop practical skills such as making presentations, using social media and IT skills. Additionally, we assist participants to develop other work transferrable skills such as teamwork, timekeeping, leadership and communication.

The learners we’ve encountered thus far have experienced a significant loss in confidence for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and other additional health needs.

From engagement with both programmes and through referrals, we recruit peer mentors and offer volunteer placements where people can build and develop their skills in a supportive environment.

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What Our Clients Say!

  • We have a fantastic partnership with Diversiti UK, who have continually been supportive of our training needs. I was truly impressed with how fast they reacted and transitioned to the online environment earlier this year, converting our content from classroom sessions to online delivery. Garry is a true representative of Diversity and Inclusion, with our feedback proving this session after session. Diversiti UK have been a pleasure to work with – I would highly recommend them to anyone for supporting their training needs.

    Sean Rossiter-Johnston Cambridge City Council, Learning and Development Co-ordinator
  • When we were seeking EDI training for our staff one organisation really stood out above the rest. The in-depth discussions held between myself and Garry beforehand resulted in training sessions that perfectly catered to the culture and needs of our organisation. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received is testament to this. For any organisation looking for a thought provoking and engaging EDI workshop, look no further. Diversiti UK were a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend them.

    George Jameson Geological Society of London, Diversity and Inclusion Project Lead
  • We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our staff who have attended ‘Equality & Diversity in Mental Health’, provided by Diversiti UK. Attendees have consistently rated the course highly when evaluating its usefulness in relation to their job role. Feedback indicates that content is delivered in an engaging and relatable manner and the course remains one of our most requested amongst staff.

    Tim Dennehy L&D Coordinator, Recovery Focus
  • Steve and Rebecca were excellent trainers and gave us a lot to consider when it comes to how we communicate the importance of collecting diversity data. I’d recommend the training to other companies looking to achieve similar goals.

    Sophie Rix Prince's Trust
  • Diversiti UK provided a great training course in which I learnt a lot. It was fun, interactive and I was able to put what I had learnt into practical use when we looked at the case studies. The trainers were knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions the group had.

    Maria Fox Play Worker, Fair Play Barnet
  • The course met its objectives and my personal objectives much better than I expected. The Trainers were very approachable and were very encouraging. Excellent presenters, very engaging and informative An excellent course in such a short time, very informative, the presenters made everyone feel welcome. A very good use of 2.5 hours out of your day

    Nicola Dunstan Business Support Officer OCC
  • Garry’s relaxed conversational approach enables participation and engagement on a non-glamour subject to a level which is beneficial to attendees and helps preference real world situations.

    Shaun Collins Support Worker, P3 Charity
  • The pre course materials provided by diversity provided a great document to supported and encourage participation in the session. The tutors were able to facilitate the learning in a way which promoted questioning and helped the learners to feel they could share in a positive space.

    James Blake Prince's Trust
  • The trainers were brilliant, well versed on the subject and provided clear and understandable information. They encouraged full participation of everyone.

    Heather Farmsworth-Moore Manager, Eastway Care Ltd
  • Well worth the investment and certain to pay dividends in improved perception of the course.

    Lee Cox Director, Train-a-Lift Ltd
  • Before the training I was able to contact Garry about what I needed in terms of my disability and I am very happy that I was able to join in and participate.

    Michel Dorrington Eastway Care Ltd
  • A really helpful overview of key issues and the session was adapted to suit our needs, giving us time to examine our challenges and brainstorm ideas and solutions.

    Molly Ross Prince's Trust
  • The training was an opportunity to refresh any prior knowledge and expand upon this update. The training was delivered in an engaging manner, using a diverse range of methods and activities. The day was both interesting and enjoyable.

    Emma Rich Service Manager, P3 Charity
  • Both trainers for were engaging and made the day enjoyable. The information they gave was interesting and very informative. I go away today feeling like I have learned a little bit more about myself. Thanks a lot.

    Emily Hardy Admin Manager, Train-a-Lift Ltd
  • Really made us think about what things we could implement straight away and what we felt we needed more of a discussion about and we have already carried the conversation forward in our team meeting since the training.

    Victoria Bartholomew Prince's Trust
  • This training was informative and fun. It incorporated a range of different activities to keep the group entertained. The trainer was helpful and always answered everyone’s questions.

    Marianne Eamer Meadows Care
  • The course is a good way to extend your knowledge of Equality & Diversity to think out of the box. To widen your horizons.

    Lucy Mole Richmond Fellowship – Recovery Plus Group
  • As a new starter I found the training course concise and informative. I found the discussions to be very useful and insightful as they gave me the opportunity to think about and discuss things, that I may not have considered beforehand.

    Jade Francis Prince's Trust
  • Very unique to think this is the world we live in. However, it took today’s course to bring it to the front of our minds!

    Julie Harvey HR Advisor
  • Excellent delivery, very up to date, keep the great work up. Could come back for more anytime.

    Hameed Ahmed CEO
  • I would like to thank Garry and Cheryl for their very thorough presentation and interactive practice on equalities.

    Myna Papaspynatou Primary School Teacher and Language Tutor
  • A good training course to inspire conversation and have a better understanding of how we can support a wider target group. It made me more aware of why data is important.

    Alice Pointon Prince's Trust
  • It is an interesting and informative course. I have learnt a lot to help people in my work place.

    Adesola Community Worker
  • A great course and very important for taxi drivers, especially very helpful for new drivers.

    Murilo Soares Victor Taxi Driver, South Oxfordshire
  • I loved that the understanding and perspective of EDI was able to be widened by the delivery of the course and has prompted for further work to be done within working teams and how EDI can be further addressed and implemented within our working teams.

    Ronke Oliyanka Prince's Trust
  • “The training was open, engaging, honest, useful and fully prepared us as an organisation for the next steps in the creation of our EDI plan. I would 100% recommend this organisation to anyone looking for training around EDI.”  

    Mrs S Elie MBE Executive Director, Somers Town Community Association
  • “An extremely worthwhile course and one that challenges us all to acknowledge our own inherent bias’s.”

    Jodie Operations Manager, Somers Town Community Association
  • “I found the training very engaging and well structured. The discussions were very informative because they were relevant to the services delivered by our organisation. I believe I learnt new things such as the necessity and the importance of having sensitive conversations with the service users. Overall the training is very useful and I believe it will help me to reflect on my day to day interactions with service users when it comes to inclusion.”

    Mohamed Hassan Abass Health and Well-being Development Worker, Somers Town Community Association

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