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We recently delivered Diversity and Inclusion training to Somers Town Community Association, after we were recommended by a previous customer.  Read our case study below on how we supported this organisation to improve its inclusive practice.

This post was written by Steve Iddon.

Who are STCA?

  • Somers Town Community Association is a Charity dedicated to providing cohesive, inclusive and innovative services.
  • They are a great organisation, who strongly support empowering their community. STCA aim to produce a meaningful and positive influence at every level of people’s lives and they value community in all its diversity and work vigorously to pursue these values.

How did you hear about us?

  • Sarah Elie, Executive Director over at STCA, contacted diversiti UK directly after we were recommended by a colleague who had attended another of our training sessions.

What was the presenting training or team development need (objectives)?

  • SCTA wanted to develop participant awareness of the underpinning principles of the Equality Act, understanding the protected characteristics, prohibited conduct and the creation of an operational EDI implementation action plan.

How did we work with Somers Town? 

  • Through an initial discussion with Sarah, we helped the organisation identify the specific requirements and outcomes they were seeking to address. This was then distilled into a proposal, which was sent to Sarah for consideration, changes were then agreed along with the dates and times of the training, the approach worked for Sarah as it allowed for flexibility of delivery, style and approach.

What was the training solution delivered?

  • We delivered 2 workshops to the Somers Town team (approx. 12 delegates)
    • The first workshop covered awareness and practical application of the Equality Act and also identifying strategies to promote inclusive practice and challenge discrimination
    • The second workshop facilitated the development of the operational EDI implementation action plan, and enabled all delegates to have a voice in this development.

What are the outcomes and benefits for your organisation?

  • The team have reported a better understanding of the Equality Act, the protected characteristics and prohibited conducts, shared leaning, building an open and inclusive environment that fosters genuine and open interest.

Testimonials from the delegates include:

  • “The training was open, engaging, honest, useful and fully prepared us as an organisation for the next steps in the creation of our EDI plan. I would 100% recommend this organisation to anyone looking for training around EDI.” Mrs S Elie MBE, Executive Director, Somers Town Community Association
  • “An extremely worthwhile course and one that challenges us all to acknowledge our own inherent bias’s.” Jodie, Operations Manager, Somers Town Community Association
  • “I found the training very engaging and well structured. The discussions were very informative because they were relevant to the services delivered by our organisation. I believe I learnt new things such as the necessity and the importance of having sensitive conversations with the service users. Overall the training is very useful and I believe it will help me to reflect on my day to day interactions with service users when it comes to inclusion.” Mohamed Hassan Abass, Health and Wellbeing Development Worker, Somers Town Community Association

So what’s next for STCA?

  • Sarah told us how she will engage the team, through using their new knowledge to support the development of an inclusive EDI plan:
    • Using the improved knowledge developed within the sessions, the teams will now feed in their thoughts/ideas on how STCA can improve/engage/develop our understanding and approach.
    • This will then be pulled together into a draft EDI plan, which will go back out to the staff for their further input.
    • This draft will then be sent to the full board for their thoughts.
    • A redraft including the board’s comments will then go out to our partners for their input (We work with over 70+ organisations, who will be able to feed into the plan)
    • Partners comments will then be included in a redraft which will then come back to the staff
  • There is a clear timeline for the above, including a presentation to the board, sharing with partners and finalising and signing off the final draft through board approval.

And finally

  • STCA are keen to carry on working with us and we have set up a regular review schedule going forward to explore future development needs.


If you feel that we can help your organisation in a similar way, then contact us now on 0800 612 7429 or [email protected]


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