Why Have Inclusive Workplaces?

 In Equality and Diversity in Business

First of all we need to define what we mean by an inclusive workplace? An inclusive workplace is one where everyone is valued for their contribution to the company or organisation. This is one where dignity and respect are paramount and values equality and diversity.

Research has shown that an inclusive workplace maximises productivity, attracts new talent and increases employee commitment. Businesses who take action on equality issues improve their brand reputation enabling them to reach out to new markets.

Diverse teams within businesses are able to develop a wide range of solutions to any problems which may arise for companies. Therefore, there is a need for your business to promote itself as inclusive in order to attract new talent from minority groups who may not apply otherwise.

Retaining your existing talent can be a challenge in itself. It has been proven that businesses that have an inclusive workplace culture, who value and respect their staff often retain their existing staff. Their employees are more committed and productive. So, it not only saves companies money in continually having to recruit but also ensures that they get the best out of their existing teams.

An inclusive workplace can also enhance your customer appeal, so in this time of financial crisis can you afford not to? If, your workforce is representative of different sections of the community then your business has much greater potential to sell your goods or services to these communities. This in turn will build your brand as being seen to be inclusive and you will appeal to a much wider range of customers.

Create a culture in your business which values equality and diversity. The benefits of this can often be seen in our communities. Your business is often a mirror image of society and our communities. By demonstrating and encouraging equality in the workplace, these behaviours will be replicated in the wider community.

In summary, an inclusive workplace will aid staff retention, increase your productivity and broaden your customer appeal.

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